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I love cats, mint oreo cookies, mint colored face scrub, but nothing beats a mint towel epicly wrapped around a cat's head. Peppermint ends with mint, so I like it too.

Approaching JFK ✈️😊


When you make a reference and someone actually gets it


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Peeking at the Angel of the Waters fountain. Also known as the Bethesda fountain. Summer in Central Park, New York is pretty amazing 🌾🚣

A useful tutorial on how to pack light (-ish)😎 you’re welcome 😏

"Grand Central Station. It’s Grand and it’s Central." - Marty, Madagascar 😁🚇🗽 (at Grand Central Terminal)
The 90’s was awesome 😎 pigtails FTW 😆 can’t believe this was 19 years ago!! 😨
This morning, I was thinking to myself.. Why hasn’t someone invented maple syrup and bacon potato chips? And as fate would have it, I found this an hour ago! Clog my arteries now!!! 😆😋