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I love cats, mint oreo cookies, mint colored face scrub, but nothing beats a mint towel epicly wrapped around a cat's head. Peppermint ends with mint, so I like it too.

Nice to finally meet you lady Liberty 🗽 (at Staten Island Ferry- Statue of liberty, Ellis island, Brooklyn Bridge)

When a guy goes to the bathroom (alone) vs. When girls go to the bathroom (in groups) 😁 (at New Yorker Hotel)

Finally on board, flying back to New York for my holiday 😎☀️🌾✈️ (at Hong Kong International Airport)
Was not allowed to take pictures inside the exhibition but fun’s guaranteed 😆!! Avengers assemble! (at S.T.A.T.I.O.N. (The Avengers Exhibition))

Watched my first baseball game at the Yankee Stadium 😆 New York Yankees vs. Cincinnati Reds ⚾️ it was really awesome!! (at Yankee Stadium)

Part of day one in NYC with Mia 😘 went boating under the warm summer sun 🌾🚣☀️ (at The Loeb Central Park Boat House)

The beat goes on and on and on… so does our adventure 😍 NYC with Mia today 🗽🌉✈️!!!

Miss these guys already 😞 come back soon, take me for a paintball game or to play football in Singapore okay?! 😣 #needy (at Hong Kong International Airport)
While waiting for the plane to be fully prepped ✈️ (at Hong Kong International Airport)
So this totally happened today..I lost my phone for a while but then I found it and like..Rob took a selfie with my phone. And I’m like whoaaa 😱😎 oh em gee, ily Edward!! 😘😍 <3 (at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong)